Start Olga kurylenko dating 2016

Olga kurylenko dating 2016

There are no information about these two hanging out together after filming was done, so we guess that Cruise wasn’t successful in his attempt to date her.

Her mother is of Russian descent, while her father is originally from Ukraine. She is articulately fluent in speaking three languages; English, Russian, and French.

Olga came from poverty herself, sharing a small apartment with six adults and multiple other children in then-Soviet Ukraine.

Discovered by a modeling scout in Moscow while on vacation at 13, she has used her success to bring awareness to the plights of children in the post-Soviet Ukraine.

They, are, however, both single people." Olga, who plays Camille, a Russian-Bolivian agent, divorced her second husband, Damien Gabrielle, a mobile phone entrepreneur, at the end of last year.