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Dating meaning in malayalam

Dileep was booed by the public when he was taken to jail and his business firms have come under the scanner.

In Tamil, i has the same meaning, but does not occur as an independent word unlike in Malayalam.

That the language of the inscription is indeed Malayalam is made clear by the second word pazhama which corresponds to pazhamai in Tamil, meaning “that which is ancient or old”.

Kazhinja varsham njangal valare santhoshavaanmaar aayirunnu.

Ex5: We are very angry Njangal valare deshyathil aanu.

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Used across the world as a snack as well as in many recipes.

However, that has not ended the controversy surrounding the police investigation, which initially failed to see any conspiracy in the case.

Neither has it subdued public anger against a section of Left politicians and film actors who supported Dileep.

As some ppl here hav mentioned about Malayalam, i will add som Malayalam translations of the above sentences, for the ppl who are interested What - entha How - Engane Where - Evide When - eppol who - Aaru which - Ethu how many - Ethra how much - Ethra why - Enthu kondu ------------------------------- Ex1: What is the time ?

------------------------------- This - ithu That - athu Here - ivide there - avide inside - ullil/akathu outside - veliyil/purathu up - mele/mukalil down - keezhe/thaazhe -------------------------------- Go - po come - vaa or (Vannaalum - with respect) run - odu stand - nillu walk - nada swim - neenthu fly - para jump - chaadi fell - veenu sit - irikku ------------------------------- Ex1: Come in akathu vaa Ex2: Go there.

Impact on the film industry and Kerala politics A day after he was arrested, life seems to have come to a strange place for Dileep, who began his career as a mimicry artiste and rose to become one of the superstars of the Malayalam film industry (colloquially known as Mollywood).