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David Cameron enjoys his chats with the Queen so much he can't resist telling everyone else about them, including this encounter at Chequers where he claimed the monarch got it wrong on a piece of art Embarking on a media blitz at his party conference on September, Nick Clegg (left) wore a dark blue suit, blue shirt and pink tie for his interviews on Sky News.

Then on a visit to Castlehill Primary School in Glasgow, Mr Clegg wore jeans and a pale blue shirt (centre), but by the afternoon he was in grey chinos and a black shirt (right)The nadir of Mr Miliband's PR blundering came in May when he embarked on a national tour ahead of local and European elections, kicking off with a visit to New Covent Garden flower market, where he met stall holders, bought flowers and then sat down to eat a bacon sandwich.

“That place was buzzing with oversexed and underfed men. “I went back for more quite often and really missed it later after it burned down to the ground.” For a newcomer like Tardif, Vancouver in the ’70s was a city brimful with hot men who could be found anywhere, including the 616 bar on Robson where he soon got a job as a waiter.

“I was shocked to find out that customers had to fork 25 cents per song from a jukebox to dance, instead of having a DJ. “I have memories of the manager Chuck/Charlie Brown, a butch lesbian that would take no shit from anyone. Still have photos of her wedding to another woman, a stripper, I think, at the Talk of the Town on Seymour that became the Luv a Fair (aka Luv a Fairy) later.

Life was never the same afterwards.” In 1973 Tardif moved to Toronto, and a year later, hitchhiked to Vancouver with two other Francophones, heeding the era’s mantra to “go West, young man.” That’s when he really hit his stride.

His very first day in town he went straight to the Taurus Spa (later known as the Gardens bathhouse). “You could rent a room by the week [for] $22, but it had to be vacated Friday and Saturday night,” he remembers.

Then she told me that we better leave the bathroom to avoid losing control, like we did last time. She kissed me again and it was very difficult to say no to her. So I asked her directly to stop beating around the bush and tell me exactly what she wants. Yesterday we had a party at work, she was there of course. We didn't talk to each other, but I kept catching her eyes across the room. I said yes, because I'm terrible at lying anyway.

She admitted that, at first, she only wanted sex, but now she has fallen in love with me and would like a relationship. Even when I turned away, I could feel her eyes on me. She said that she was talking to that girl just to attract my attention, that she wanted to know if I still care and that I'm the only woman she wants... I walked away to the bathroom, but I didn't realize that she followed me.

“Sex is good, sex is healthy,” pornducer and former Vancouverite André Tardif is fond of saying.

In this month’s column, Tardif reminisces about his first days in Vancouver and about a particular form of sexual activity whose popularity, he feels, is dwindling: T-room or toilet sex.

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