Start Two medical students dating

Two medical students dating

The words of the school's new dean had special resonance for those members of the Class of 2016 who were graduating with a fellow classmate as a partner.

The divorce rate among married couples is very high during those two years in particular.

I remember (and my wife can confirm) sleeping through dates in 3rd year.

If you realize you’ve strayed from the path of relationship righteousness, stop right there and start making changes to get back to where you should be. University of Louisville School of Medicine Lindsay Smith is a Class of 2016 medical student and an aspiring cat lady. Her present interests include but are not limited to: pizza, Lord of the Rings references, bad puns, tattoos and sharks.

She enjoys finding the humor inherent in the life of a medical student and the process of becoming a physician.

"It's an opal, not a diamond," Perez said, laughing.

"Med school budget." They met during the first week of school in a class on physical exam skills.

As a medical student, you may face particular relationship challenges if your significant other doesn’t have firsthand experience with juggling the unique demands of medical school.