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While it is heavily staffed for expert round-the-clock care, the environment needs to be as domestic as it is clinical—a dignified, calm, even cheerful place for patients and their families.

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But as Morten Gregersen, partner of NORD Architects Copenhagen, says: “The idea is to be close to the relatives.” To achieve that, the client, the Diakonissestiftelsen (Deaconess Foundation), part of a Lutheran pastoral-care movement dating back to the 1860s, included the facility in a redevelopment master plan for a 10-acre teaching-hospital complex in the affluent, low-rise district of Frederiksberg. NORD, a fairly young practice known for its community engagement, won the commission following an interview selection process. From the street, the 24,000-square-foot, $7 million Urban Hospice gives little away about its use.

With its brass-zinc alloy cladding weathering to a greenish gold, set off by wood details, it could be a small office or even apartment building.

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As a building type, the hospice has programmatic peculiarities that require a special understanding on the part of its architects.

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