Start Esp serial number dating

Esp serial number dating

The first four numbers should be a two digit month followed by a two digit year.

There might also be a second letter digit specifying the factory that assembled the bike, if applicable.

The model and year of production was also coded by a letter, so you won't be able to spot a two digit month and two digit year.

If the frame was made overseas in Taiwan, it gets more complicated.

If the number starts with a K, the frame was made by Kinesis.

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That's the only one I remember off the top of my head.

There were at least four companies in Taiwan that made the GT lines : Robinson, Dyno, Powerlite and Auburn included)The first digit would be a letter designating the factory that made the frame.

Starting in late 1985, virtually all Kramer guitars were being made by ESP Guitars in Japan.

Although the "American" Series guitars were made by ESP in Japan, they were assembled in the US.

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