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For your settings, just to make sure I'm understanding you correctly, you'd like them saved remotely so that when you use a different machine, those settings will come with you and your account?

The impact on your personal Facebook usage is fairly straight forward, but what does the addition of Reactions mean for brands?

Facebook also published a News Feed FYI with some thoughts.

I'm trying to like a video on user's behalf but got stuck in increment of like counter. When a video is rated by api request, I get 200 response which means success according to docs.

Also, video is available in user's Liked playlist and the like icon is blue on video but the like/dislike counter does not increase.

Running Windows 10 AVG Free edition Update does not complete and gives a message "Update has detected running installation.

Complete that installation before starting update"I cant find any other installation running I cant uninstall because it comes up with the same error message.

I've waited for 2 days but the counter is still same.

Hi, I have created a Power BI Model using Power BI Desktop in Direct query mode.

and I cannot delete it, because I have online reports connected to this model.

If I drop it, I'll drop the reports too, and I cant do it for now.

Noticeably missing among the “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry” emoticons is the oft-requested “Dislike” button.