Start Dating a female fighter

Dating a female fighter

If you had the opportunity, would you date Ronda Rousey?

You’re around the same people so much that you’re bound to catch feelings for someone. BUT…since you’re going to do it anyway, here’s the best way to go about it before, during, and after the relationship.

It’s just going to depend if you’re going to act on it. Before: Ask yourself, if **** goes down and it’s a bad breakup, do I see this person potentially ruining my gym life?

The main reason being that there’s a lot of people who leave the gym because of it.

Now, in order to have Rousey's mother refer to you by your actual name, you need to go on a week-long mission wandering through the wilderness with only a few supplies in a backpack and...kidding, kidding!

The real answer is you have to marry into the family.

Ladies, you have a much broader range, so use your imagination.

Let’s take this a little further — what if you were able to actually date one of them, and if not them, a fighter a little further down the totem pole?

Though she had Rousey in trouble early, "Girl-Rilla" would eventually succumb to Rousey's signature armbar.