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Duma‚ who is dating musician Junior De Rocka‚ hinted that she was about to become a mom in February when international star Beyoncé revealed she was pregnant with twins.

Speaking to TMG Digital‚ Nyoni said his main concern is for his children. What right do you have to write [something like that] about someone you’ve never met before? Whoever wants to find an opportunity to slash can go ahead.

“As long as it doesn’t get to my kids‚ then I become protective.” On the show‚ Nyoni said that he has two children but screengrabs‚ allegedly from his social media accounts‚ emerged online after the show aired‚ suggesting he had three children instead.

“My daughter has a sister – an older sister [who is not Nyoni’s biological child].

She’s in high school and I treat her just as my own.

They would chat with the victims for a while before starting to come up with different scenarios which would see women depositing or transferring money to the banking details which the suspects would have provided‚” Netshiunda said.

The woman‚ who is suspected to have been the one who cashed out all the money market transactions deposited by victims‚ was found with R50‚000 in cash when she was arrested.“All women who had been victims of online dating scam are urged to come forward so that their matters could also be investigated.“The six suspects‚ age between 27 and 37‚ will appear before the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Friday‚ facing charges of online dating fraud‚” Netshiunda said.

We would like to confirm that allegations made towards our client have been completely fabricated, as she is currently single and not pregnant."As her agency, we are taking this allegations very seriously and we will be seeking legal counsel."Mthethwa and his manager could not be reached for comment yesterday, but he "set the record straight" on Twitter, declaring: "Ok, this nonsense must stop now!