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Define radiation dating

The second is also the base unit of time in other systems of measurement: the centimetre–gram–second, metre–kilogram–second, metre–tonne–second, and foot–pound–second systems of units.

Ubiquitous background radiation comes from space (i.e., cosmic rays) and from naturally occurring radioactive materials contained in the earth and in living things.

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Like everyone else, they were descended from Noah, who built and managed the Ark, and from a people who developed an advanced civilization around the Tower of Babel.

The Aborigines of Australia lost some of their technological know-how—it can happen in a generation if parents do not pass it on to their children.

Living things have evolved in an environment which has significant levels of ionising radiation.

Furthermore, many people owe their lives and health to such radiation produced artificially. Other kinds of ionising radiation are used to diagnose ailments, and some people are treated with radiation to cure disease.

An evolutionary view of human origins underlies the World Heritage listing of the Lake Mungo site.