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Doggy dating game

Think of it this way: If you typically have an omelet with peppers for breakfast, now you’ll be having an omelet with peppers—and onions, and tomatoes, and cheese, and ham.

Doggy-style: the sex position with one of the most unflattering and disrespectful titles out there.

Finding the best sex position for you and your partner takes creativity and experimentation.

Whether you are looking for a position that's more comfortable, a position that will reduce pain or fatigue, or just looking to spice things up, having visuals can help you figure out the ins and outs of new positions.

The illustrated sex positions in this gallery cover basic sex positions, all demonstrated through the assistance of our wooden models (lets call them A & B).

Remember that the best sex position is the one that is physically comfortable, and allows you do what you want.

Missionary, rear entry, and girl-on-top positions are the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of sex positions.

We’re not suggesting that you try and reinvent the wheel with the sex position you choose to get into, but by making a few tweaks here and there, you may discover whole new aspects of the big three.

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