Start Dating my harmony guitar

Dating my harmony guitar

i tried to get a hold of the manufacturer but they only answer questions to dealers! so i dont know if it would be in that book you mentioned or not! Then use the "Blue Book for Acoustic Guitars" latest edition.

Ergo, once you have this your best bet (to get an acturate estimate as to it's fair market value) is to go to Barnes & Nobles or another good book store and look it up in the "Blue Book for Electric Guitars" latest edition, check the copywrite date. Year of manufacture could be on the base of the neck or coded within the guitar's serial number.

This will give you a good fair market value for your guitar based upon it's condition. If not, you'll have to contact the manufacturer with the serial number to get the year of manufacture. use the below link to find a dealer nearest to you and use that dealer as your medium to get your questions answered by Harmony. an electric guitar?

At the height of the guitar boom in the mid-1960s, Harmony was building more than 1000 instruments per day.

Not only were they producing Harmony-branded guitars, there was a time when the Chicago-based factory was making guitars for 57 different brand names and trademarks.

The amount of instruments being produced by Harmony made up the largest percentage of stringed instruments being manufactured in the U. at that time, and Harmony made them all: guitars - archtops, flat-tops, electric Spanish, Hawaiian bodies, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, violins and more.

They continued to turn in impressive annual sales figures right up till the company was dissolved.

What is known about one of the most prolific manufactures of guitars in this country?