Start Yamada ryosuke and shida mirai dating

Yamada ryosuke and shida mirai dating

Hey, wouldn't it be nicer if the 4 of them star in a drama together? or, I wouldn't mind seeing a Shun-Mao-Toma-Maki love rectangle either!

I adore them both individually, I think they would make a nice fresh pairing, and both very good-looking.

I first witnessed his acting through his drama 'The Perfect Son' (which may I say I bought) and I was intrigued with his goofy character. I was really impressed with your performance in all the films. Just so you will have more drama/movie and more awards in the future.

Recently watching addictive kr reality show We Got Married with Kim Hyun Joong - he reminds so much of Bakanishi.

My friend made me watch whole Ruroni Kenshin movie series, probably because I like japanese culture and she wanted to turn me into Takeru's fan since she's one. Although he isn't as handsome as Taishi, he's charming when he acts. ) i think he resembles Sojiro Seta (I've watch it before Bloody Monday). He is young and talented, and i agree with some of the comments below.

That's why he's the king of Shoujo live-action films. You'll love the chemistry between them even more than in Shikkaku Heroine. I hope you continue to make more incredible works and I look forward to it.

The drama that I love most is Sukina Hito ga iru koto where he's the main lead alongside Mirei Kiritani. How s it that your so handsome and you're in almost all of my favorite Japanese dramas and movies.

youre a talented actor I hope you will be in a lot of movies.