Start Powerpoint date and time not updating

Powerpoint date and time not updating

The design of your presentation is just as important as the information that it contains.

Not only does this take an enormous amount of time and effort on your part on the front end of your deck, it takes even longer on the backend when you (or someone else) wants to change the style, format or position of your page numbers.

So just like any common element you want on ALL of your slides, you want to use your Slide Master to update and manage your slide numbers, which I’ll show you exactly how to do in the below tutorial…plus the trick to getting them show up correctly.

The reason this happens is because Slide Numbers can appear only if the slides have a Slide Number placeholder, if you add Slide Numbers to a slide that has no Slide Number placeholder, then you won’t see any Slide Number!

To remedy this situation, you have to ensure that both the Slide Master and the Slide Layout for any given slide does contain the Slide Master placeholder, this is something you can do only within Slide Master view, as explained within this tutorial: These “pushpin” graphics are already placed in Power Point slides.

If you wish to place the date/time display at a different location, you will have to place the date placeholder at that location.

To place the date placeholder, go to the slide master by selecting View | Master | Slide Master menu.

I would like it to update when the slide changes, not when it is only viewed/printed.

Sub Update Modify Date On Master() Dim o Shp As Shape For i = 1 To Active Presentation.

Text = "Last Modified: " & Format(Now(), "mm/dd/yyyy") End If Next End With Next End Sub Sub Update Modify Date On Slides() Dim o Shp As Shape For i = 1 To Active Window.

Auto Date Time updates the date placeholder with the current system date/time.

Locate the text box that contains the Date Area text.