Start Consolidating budget reports

Consolidating budget reports

Typically this would set you back a few hours to a few days each month. Over many years and extensive research it has gone through many innovations to become the fastest, most flexible and capable reporting add-on available.

BOARD provides a modern self-service reporting environment that allows users to customize any report using drag and drop measures and dimensions of analysis.

BOARD provides the Office of Finance with a cutting-edge platform to drive financial reporting and decision-making processes across the whole organization, achieving an enterprise wide view of company performance and connecting finance, business and operations in the same environment.

Originally reported by MSN T5F While the MSN story is troubling to say the least. Wages can be garnished up to a whopping 60% of a person’s disposable earnings.

The highest percentage allowed (50-60%) applies to child support.

Other types of debt can range from 15%-25% of disposable earnings.

The Federal Wage Garnishment Law, Consumer Credit Protection Act’s Title 3 (CCPA) gov/whd/garnishment dictates what percentage can be garnished from an individual’s paycheck.

Learn more about BOARD BOARD provides a self-service reporting environment: customize any report using drag and drop measures and dimensions of analysis.

No doubt you would have created report templates in Excel, added new accounts or jobs, fixed any broken formulas and at least once each reporting period, exported accounting reports, copied and pasted data, reconciled them to ensure accuracy and prepared them for the Board. Our first build back in 1997 was one of the first add-ons to automate finance reports to exact layouts and without errors.

If you’re not ready to download Budget Link just yet, contact us and ask us any questions you may have. One of our reporting specialists can automate your existing Excel-based finance reports using Budget Link or adapt one of Budget Link’s standard reports to meet your unique requirements.

We can also provide training so that you can automate your own custom reports.

I felt like I was drowning in debt and after speaking to your representatives, I was relieved and felt like a weight was lifted.