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Dating valentine sons postcards

Around 1939, the color photochrome postcard appeared.

Before this, there were advertising cards that were often hand-delivered.

As people caught on to the usefulness of this cheap and fast method of sending messages, the poor man’s telegram - remember the telephone did not yet exist - national postal services authorised the sending of postcards through their postal systems.

V Valentine Sons Ltd Dundee and London Founded in 1851 by James Valentine in Dundee, Scotland as a printing and portrait photography business.

They also published photographs and postcards of the trains, ships and stations.

It must be remembered that many years, even decades may pass between the taking of a photograph, when it was published on a postcard, and when the postcard was posted.

Valentine's views were of Scottish scenes until, in 1882, they expanded into England.

This time, there were about 10,000 competition entries.