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If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have moved in together a year later, or got engaged on our trip to Vanuatu in August last year, and we wouldn’t have been married in Russell in October last year. S - Introduced April 2016 Hi Sasha What a pleasant surprise it was to meet A. I had no idea what she was going to look like and her personality was just as you described. He's really lovely, had lots to chat about, it was very easy.

That goal alone, though, can be paralyzing, giving even writers writers’ block and above all making the majority of profiles…let’s just say lacking the personality they so desperately need.

C and I have stayed together and have gone from strength to strength since our first chat in August 2012.

I wanted to personally thank you for setting us up.

Chas Rampenthal is general counsel and vice president of product development at Legal Zoom.