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Who is famke janssen dating

See, they found some to-do lists or something tucked into (that is what the book is called! ), so they figure that between that fact and there being no one on the security tapes, Janssen must have already owned the book. Except, um, , "Janssen is not expected to be charged with filing a false report because she honestly believes that someone broke into her apartment and planted the book." Which... If Famke Janssen still doesn't think the book is hers, but the police think it is hers, what the heck is going on?? Is Famke Janssen buying children's books and then forgetting she bought them?

Do you remember last month when actress Famke Janssen found a terrifying children's book in her bedroom, left there by persons or forces unknown? [ Are Andy Cohen and hockey star Sean Avery on the hook up?

It was a very scary story, this coming home to find an eerie book about a doll in her bedroom, and we all wondered what could have happened. ("On the hook up" is a thing I'm trying today, if you don't like it please downvote and leave your suggestions in the comments.) Lots of people think they are smooshing because they're always hanging out and Andy posts pictures like this of the two of them shirtless and close on some blasted beach somewhere. " And, I'm sorry to all you Sandy shippers out there, but Andy said no. But then he said that he'd be happy if the two of them were "banging," but they're not. The TMZ idiots were correct in finding that a bit suspect. Does America's gay uncle have a real friend in Sean Avery, or is it just someone he wants to boink? [TMZ] Kelly Osbourne is suing her old landlord because he refused to give her security deposit back when she moved out, despite never having inspected the apartment.

Satisfyingly makes a fine transition from model to actress, Famke Janssen has truly risen as one of the most prominent figures representing Netherlands who is outstandingly capable to well-maintain her hold in Hollywood film industry amidst the American female movie stars.

Just a soft touch of make-up completed the look, as the How To Get Away With Murder actress was keen on letting her radiant skin glow.

But on Monday in New York City, the former Bond Girl enjoyed a romantic bike ride alongside boyfriend Cole Frates and another longtime fixture in her life.

The 52-year-old Blacklist: Redemption star linked hands with her beau, who had her 16-year-old dog in a basket fixed to the front of his bike.

They have been dating since 2006 and still having a happy relationship.