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“People have the opportunity to really think about what they’ve done in the past year and what they want to do in the future.

This high-calibre work of jewellery from around 1900 is worth an estimated 45,000-60,000 euros.

I'm a good listener, approachable, easy going and ge I'm fun to be with and social but not a party animal hey...hahahahahaha,i love the outdoors(movies, theater, fashion show/exhibition,camping and holiday trips as well)i could be very shy with people i barely know but once we are friends then i could Hi I'm single and looking for a long term commmittment.

I'm outgoing, love to dance, love to socialise with a good braai but I also love to cuddle up with a good movie.

Diamonds and gemstones in natural colours Diamonds will dazzle at this auction due to their high quality and their high carat number.

Among the pieces up for bidding will be a 4.74 ct diamond in “emerald cut” with an estimated value of 100,000-150,000 euros.

Historical jewellery in exquisitely playful shapes will be as well-represented as modern, sophisticated diamonds and gemstones.

Princess‘s dream A diadem, a truly regal head adornment, wows through its complex embellishment with diamonds totalling 28 ct.

You probably know this, even if you've never seen a television with an actual dial — or if you don't watch television that you can't just pause and pick up later.