Start Dating him again

Dating him again

There are reasons you fall for certain people (besides their cuteness), and once you understand the rules of attraction, you’ll be the master of making guys fall for you.

We intended to do the long distance thing and marry in a year or so.

I said that would be great and told him my availability. Bummer I’m confused because of how well we hit it off on the phone and he knows I’m interested.

It was a Friday night so figured that weekend was probably too soon to plan something since he didn’t set a date, but thought I’d at least hear from him the following week. I decided to text him on Super Bowl Sunday (9 days after our last conversation) to wish his team well and said “hope you’re doing well! Should I text him again in case he didn’t get my text? Even if you did text him again, do you think that would do the trick and get him interested again?

What I wanted, was to have my relationship cake, but not to have to move in with it.