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But there's nothing New York Police Department can do, since The Amsterdam Club swingers are exchanging sex for free.

Bij binnenkomst wordt u ontvangen en kunt uw kennis maken met de dames eventueel onder het genot van een drankje.

While sex clubs are legal in Davidson County, Metro's zoning ordinance only permits them in areas zoned industrial — with some restrictions, such as being more than 1,000 feet from a school, a proscription passed by the General Assembly when TSC announced its move to Madison — and the Lentz Drive property is zoned for office use.

(For more updates on this story and free news alerts for your neighborhood, sign up for your local Middle Tennessee Patch morning newsletter.) The owners of TSC, thus, came up with an ingenious solution: they said that the club is a church, chartering it under the name Freedom 4 All Inc.

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On a recent visit, however, Metro Codes inspectors said the congregation was in full swing. According to affidavits filed with a request for an injunction, two codes inspectors visited 520 Lentz Drive around p.m. After briefly chatting with a man traveling through town on business who told them he found the club by Googling "Swingers Clubs in Nashville," the inspectors and other patrons were permitted to go into a previously restricted area, consisting of a dozen or so rooms, each with a bed or chaise longue.

One of the rooms — labeled "choir" — included furniture with restraints and at least two others had "partial walls" which allowed for spectators to see what was going on inside.

James said he visited the spa sometime last year to find out what was going on and that he saw patrons having sex with each other in open rooms and pornographic movies being showcased throughout the business.