Start Obama plan consolidating student loans

Obama plan consolidating student loans

Under certain circumstances, federally backed student loans – such as Direct Subsidized Loans and Federal Perkins Loans – can be discharged or forgiven.

Private student loans may be trickier to get, but you definitely have some options.

You can’t argue with the fact that, yes, a college degree is most likely a good investment in your future.

The problem is, college degrees and their associated costs are far from standardized.

There is a lot of information out there about how to deal with troublesome student loan debt and payments.

But I thought I’d put together the ultimate no holds barred guide on how to deal with student loan debt that becomes unaffordable.

It takes you ten years to payoff your student loans.

Based on a stock market indexed mutual fund return of 12% you would be 32 when you could apply your full $400 former student loan payment to your savings/retirement.

Well if you are struggling to make your regular student loan payments because you have other financial obligations in the way, reducing those obligations might just be the more reasonable and more logical thing to do, even though to do so might be emotionally hard to face.