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Height: 5'9''Weight: 110 lbs Sexual Orientation: Straight Commonly Used Weapons: His fingernails Health Problems: Emaciated due to the types of illnesses and bacteria he has gathered from eating other people.

Lock was born in a what is now a ghost town, in a remote area of British Columbia Canada.

She has been a life-long writer and an observer of the comical antics of people and their pets.

The golfer animation is silky smooth, and the facial close-ups look nearly photographic.

Besides Tiger and a few other pros, there are also some humorous characters including a sumo wrestler and an old man who doesn't move his body at all when he swings.

Unlike the "old-school" golf games that use "swing meters", pulling back on the stick engages your backswing, and pushing forward swings through.

Tapping the Z button during your backswing adds power, and tapping it while the ball is in mid-air applies spin.

His school life was normal and he had a good amount of friends.