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Dragonica Mobile: The Dragonians Reborn NEW Update!

Dragonica Mobile SEA is an MMORPG game developed by Asiasoft Co., Ltd., Playpark Co., Ltd., Funigloo Co., Ltd., Gravity Co., Ltd., and Neo Cyon Inc. The game features you a Dungeon Crawl side-scrolling gameplay, with tap-to-action controls, and a “buddy system” to ease your daily grinding.

A fatigue system is implemented, which means that players wouldn’t be able to go addict mode for rushing levels.

This choice of classes is further deepened upon reaching level 20, when you are asked to choose between one of two sub-classes specific to your original class choice, and can then begin to tailor your class to suit your own specific style! Choose Your Class – Select from Warrior, Magician, Archer, and Thief, and learn to master their unique skills and abilities!