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Dangelo dating

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Six months ago I stood in a United Center locker room next to D'Angelo Russell and we had an in-depth discussion about his childhood. We spoke about the park at which he grew up playing, his relationship with his parents, whether Stephen Curry was better than Le Bron James and how he keeps his Air Jordans from getting scuffed up. * Why did D'Angelo Russell leave Kentucky for Ohio State? D'Angelo Russell is dating Kendall Jenner, according to the Internet. He went from that four-star prospect from Louisville to college star to Los Angeles Laker to a potential cast member of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in a year. Had that gone according to plan, maybe the Buckeyes would be in the top 10 right now and an outsider Final Four pick. And, as it's turning out, everything's coming up gold for Russell.

When he was 17, he came to New York to meet with Jocelyn Copper, the head of publishing company Midnight Music.

Questlove decided he'd use the show as an opportunity to audition to be D' Angelo's drummer, even if that meant playing in an imprecise style The Roots weren't accustomed to.

That night, he played some of the drums from "Four," a song by the Prince jazz fusion side project Madhouse.

When Thad Matta recruited him, the vision was always that he was a two-year player.

A former Ohio State player I saw daily is now on the verge of becoming one of the most famous people in the country. It's funny, and it's not sports, but man, it's so interesting. * Can you believe that Russell was supposed to be on Ohio State's basketball team this season?

"I was hell bent on walking into this meeting with a suit," he said.

"I bought brand new church shoes and everything." But he had to excuse himself from the meeting a bunch of times to go to the restroom to take off his shoes — his feet were killing him after walking around the city all day.

D’Angelo Russell and former Cal State Stanislaus volleyball player Janay Bankston are dating, according to their respective Instagram accounts.