Start Consolidating oracle linux system z

Consolidating oracle linux system z

Enterprises require a trusted IT infrastructure that is dynamic, scalable and flexible to support both mission-critical work and the development and deployment of new workloads.

Supporting Internal Mainframe Systems In the first column we see Linux workloads that exist to offload billable MIPs from z/OS.

In all cases, there was little resistance from the enterprise IT group because they typically were not even aware that these workloads existed.

For sites that do not have an existing System z server, a dedicated ELS (Enterprise Linux Server) can start to make financial sense when consolidating as few as 20 distributed servers.

Typically, these guests are very limited in number and complexity.

Responsibilities:-Provide input into the Oracle elements of the database strategy, provide guidance on best practices and standards, and participate in Proof of Concepts-Mentor other Oracle DBAs and provide in-depth troubleshooting and analysis skills for the team-Ensure the provisioning of Oracle DBA cover, workload management and analysis of production changes-Provide hands-on technical support for Oracle databases-Utilize a process oriented approach to database management (incl.

This session will give a detailed report on the functionality found in newer kernel versions as it relates to Linux on System z.

The IBM z13, designed for larger enterprises, offers massive scalability for secure data serving and high-volume transaction processing.