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Church of christ on line dating

L., IV, 963 sqq.), which places Christ's birth on 28 March, because on that day the material sun was created. Dindorf, 1860, II, 483) quotes an extraordinary semi-Gnostic ceremony at Alexandria in which, on the night of 5-6 January, a cross-stamped Korê was carried in procession round a crypt, to the chant, "Today at this hour Korê gave birth to the Eternal"; John Cassian records in his "Collations" (X, 2 in P. 101) she mentions as high festivals Easter and Epiphany alone. In the West, he says, the feast was thus kept, ; its introduction into Antioch he had always sought, conservatives always resisted. Though the sermon abounds in references appropriate to the Epiphany (the marriage at Cana, the multiplication of loaves, etc.), these seem due (Kellner, op. 109) to sequence of thought, and do not fix the sermon to 6 January, a feast unknown in Rome till much later. 272) that Liberius preached it on that day in 353, instituting the Nativity feast in the December of the same year; but Philocalus warrants our supposing that if preceded his pontificate by some time, though Duchesne's relegation of it to 243 (Bull. L., XXXIII, 200) omits it from a list of first-class festivals. 106, 107) shows how hopeless is the calculation of Zachary's week from any point before or after it. 1588), says: "Sed et dominus noster nascitur mense decembris . Pagan customs centering round the January calends gravitated to Christmas.

MICCC is a congregation dedicated to the Lord’s work by bringing the Gospel to the inner city of Mobile, AL.

Our small but growing congregation consists of a mix of very mature disciples as well as many brand new ones.

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Revelation “” It grieves me to say that Satan has used even Christians to do this and has been so successful over the centuries that we find that what is popular is not always truth and what is truth is not always popular.

Revelation also speaks of the reward awaiting the remnant.

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Key responsibilities include: - Preparing and delivering weekly sermons - Overseeing Christian education - Preparing and conducting midweek Bible studies - Developing and organizing ministries - Providing spiritual counseling - Organizing summer campaigns - Recruiting and supervising summer interns - Organizing benevolence - Work cooperatively and collaboratively with area elderships - Raising funds to support the ministry Successful candidates will: - Have experience that suggest the ability to carry out the evangelist’s key responsibilities - Be well grounded in apostolic doctrine as set forth in the New Testament - Have demonstrated leadership experience - Have the ability to work closely with impoverished populations across cultures - Be family oriented - Be a self-starter with a vision for the inner city mission HOW TO APPLY Applicants should send a resume and cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position to [email protected] 1 October 2017. Please note the selected candidate may be required to submit to a special criminal records check.