Start Online dating service serious matchmaking for singles at parship

Online dating service serious matchmaking for singles at parship

Ten million professionals across Europe trust Parship to help them find love.

Parship singles are active and sophisticated men and women from 25 years of age upwards.

However, it is well known that men benefit much more than women do from being in a relationship: scientific studies have shown that married men live longer and enjoy better physical and mental health compared to their single counterparts. PARSHIP’s single survey complements these findings: UK men with partners are more satisfied with their relationship than women are, and UK single men are more dissatisfied with their single status than single women.” There are an estimated 15 million singles now living in Britain (source ONS 2006) of which half (51% or 7.65 million) are looking for a long term-relationship; 17% would prefer a casual relationship and 28% are not looking for a relationship at all.

However, unlike their European counterparts – who, with the exception of Ireland, would choose an unformalised long-term relationship over marriage (across Europe an average of 35% favour a long-term relationship and 17% a marital commitment) – UK singles would go for commitment leading to marriage (29%) rather than simple cohabitation (24%).

Once you complete the test, you gain immediate access to your list of recommended partners, people who stand to be genuinely compatible with you.