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Secret freind live chat

A lot of things have changed since in the last few decades where app (smartphone application) industry is one of them.

Sadly, Facebook has decided that you can’t just drag the pieces to where you want them, instead you have to use specific codes (which you’ll eventually get used to). Let’s set the scene: You’re having a coffee with a friend, and things are going great.

Here we’re happy to reveal seven tricks and secrets for exposing the hidden features of Facebook Messenger that your friends will love you for! Simply type in the message box “@Daily Cute” to get a random picture and caption of something adorable!

How about impressing your friends with your master chess skills? To start playing chess on Messenger, simply type (to whoever you wish to challenge) “”.

Luckily, Messenger has now introduced a similar function to Whats App and allows you to mute notifications for a specific amount of time!