Start Updating mei bill validators

Updating mei bill validators

“With MEI’s new recognition software, they can be confident that their products will accept the new $5 bill from the day it enters circulation.” For high performance in both bill handling and security, MEI bill validators operate with optical sensing technology rather than magnetic technology.

WEST CHESTER, Pa., January 16, 2008 – MEI, the world’s leading developer of unattended payment systems, has developed recognition software for the new $5 bill entering circulation on March 13.

Beginning Jan 15, all bill validators shipped by MEI will include the new software.

You can choose to add either £20 or £40 every time the balance on your card falls below £10.

Whenever you start a journey and the balance is below £10 you will hear an extra few beeps as you touch in and your balance will be increased by your selected amount. When the oyster reader transfers its transactions to the central system your credit or debit card is debited with the amount.

For regular travellers this is probably the best option.

Once set up you will never need to worry about running out of credit again.

Dieb can help keep your MEI NV 2512 bill acceptor working and producing profit for your business.

Vendors and bottlers rely on the MEI VN 2542 bill acceptors in countless machines all across the country.

MEI offers operators several options to quickly upgrade bill validators in the field.

Most can be updated by using a bill programming handheld device.

MEI worked closely with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) to design the new software, which supports the multiple security levels incorporated in the new bill design to reduce the chance of fraud.