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Chili dating usher

This week’s recipe capitalizes on the healthiest aspects of traditional chili – the beans and vegetables.

The Whose Line Is It Anyway star -- who's also a regular guest star on How I Met Your Mother -- was previously married to Diana Lasso for two years until their split in 1995.

You might be familiar with the notion that eating foods that are high in calories along with a lack of physical activity causes an imbalance in metabolism, which leads to obesity.

They make a really great couple."As it turns out, the pair have given love a shot before.

Brady, 41, and Chilli, 42, dated briefly a year ago but put things on hold after only a few weeks due to their busy schedules.

One says, "They (Usher and Chilli) are in love." Could Usher even handle Naomi?

Not to mention Naomi has at least nine years on him.

The harder the food is to digest, the more calories the body will have to burn to fully break it down, before it can absorb the nutrients from it.