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This is great for backpackers and adventure-seekers on holiday, but even for expats the allure lasts. In any case, there’s nothing like it and the Aussies and Kiwis especially love it. Egyptian Hospitality Another friend – total American white girl, sore thumb – tells a tale of how she had someone visiting from home who wanted to try “the famous Egyptian hashish”. The Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the desert, the Nile…

And for those who have been here long enough for the wonder to dissipate, a comfortable sense of home takes it place. Politics While Egypt’s political scene is a downside for some, it’s a draw for a politics buff like me – and many others, including journalists, academics, activists and members of civil society (yes, we’re all spies). True story: This girl went to Sayeda Zeinab sometime between sunset and curfew, tip-toed her way around the blood puddles in the street (it was Eid), picked a guy at random (who also happened to be selling knives) and after a nice smoke session, scored a generous finger of mind-blowinghash for 75 LE because she said it was for her tourist friend who wanted to sample the local goods. I feel so lucky to live in Egypt and have such gorgeous locales just a short flight (or long road trip) away.

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