Start Updating kitchen cabinets on a budget

Updating kitchen cabinets on a budget

We also painted the floor and stenciled it using the amazing Hollywood Squares stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencil.

When we first moved in, the cabinets were already painted white, but it was a ugly white, so I repainted the exterior cabinets my preferred shade of pretty white. Painting the insides of the cabinets made such a huge difference, and the chalkboard doors really made it so unique. After that, I left the kitchen alone for nearly a year, knowing that I would eventually have to come back to it.

After that was done, I had to do something about the insides of the cabinets. The first thing I decided to tackle this year was my little look through bar area. The homeowners before us did a great job with arranging the tile, but the colors weren't my cup of tea.

If you’re looking for a way to update kitchen cabinets and add a little detail I have the solution for you.

You don’t realize how nasty your cabinets are until you start taking them apart. I’ll explain the painting process in a minute, but let me say this: I was scared to tackle this project because if I messed up, I’d have to fork out a bunch of money for new cabinets, but it was WAY easier than I anticipated.

And, if you are curious about where I purchased certain things, you can check out the full source list for the kitchen here or by scrolling to the bottom of the post.

Now, before you get to enjoy more photos, let me tell you that 90% of our budget kitchen remodel was accomplished by simply PAINTING nearly every surface!

We painted the tile backsplash, the walls, the trim and doors, and of course, the cabinets.