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Adelaide teen fuckcams

see ppl wa go say fuk amro now dat not rite after u feared him every time u saw him u ran for ur lifes u dume lil pricks jus remmember u sed fuk amro an all dat shit fuk it no more playin round gonna jus start likein u all down one by one or to by to rip amro truth told is that ratlin is in the same list of people that live around london, rappers or mcs will say sumfing of violance or money to prove some sort of hood stripes dnt be fooled ratlin is scared dat som1 might wigg him because he has set up nearly every1 including his friends so know the olders dnt fuck with him cos of his fam in endz givs him ratings and hes a snake they all know that so he rolles wid kids and puts them on the strip every 1 in that vid is younger then him exept 3 or 4 people, its a cold world when ur a unloyal friend, but unlike these spiff comments i wouldnt only say bad fings, because raty is feared by many, but those south kilburn niggaz arnt messing around any more they will murder any one in there way since all there main killers went jail ratlins been bullying south kilburn youngers but not any more those sk guys have endz on smash right know via money, fear and lifestyleto be honest while these fools fight there are niggaz that live in mozart or south kilburn making major money while the feds watch the war they eat on the low, the smartest thing for ratlin to do is to leave endz be4 he gets wiggedby som1 hes got beef wid imean hes got beef wid niggaz he dnt even know cos there in the list of people he set up, and if i was them sk niggaz i would stop dat flashy shit on spiff and put dat big boy doe to a busniess cos dnt get it twissted them niggaz make sum serious guap and there not on the hype anymore they just wanna kill all there enamys. I DUNNO IF THESE NIGGERS ARE REAL, RATLIN MIGHT ONLY BEEN KNOWN CAH HES SHAK YOUNGER BROTHER.

Rachele grew up doing mainstream work and pageants, and she won the title, Miss Teen...

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