Start Sedating kids for dental procedures

Sedating kids for dental procedures

It is unfortunate that less than half of all states reimburse dentists for general anesthesia if the child has no underlying medical conditions.

Robert Kaminski, a dental anesthesiologist from suburban Detroit, told .

"Nothing could be further from the truth." But the dangers of anesthesia aren’t limited to the field of dentistry alone.

They should be mixed with other CNS depressants such as alcohol.

Don’t self-medicate and stick to the dose your dentist or doctor recommends (which may be a higher dose than specified on the drug package insert.

” ❗ “I don’t recommend sedation for procedures, but for patients.

Some patients require sedation for almost any treatment, others prefer it for long duration of treatment or something that they find unpleasant.

I sometimes combine nitrous with IV for proper needle phobics, for whom desensitisation doesn’t work. There are many procedures that can’t be really be done under GA and there is always the risk of death.