Start Updating omnia rom

Updating omnia rom

Spring is all about the old dying out and new life coming – which for us means there are a number of new things happening at Omni.

i am not sure if the same for your SIM, your country. so you need only a few hours to try them both and make your decision.

One thing hasn’t changed, and that is that we are all passionate about Android and we really enjoy working together with our community to make Omni ROM better every day.

If you’re interested in joining the team and contributing to Omni do not hesitate to let us know.

We are searching for new contributions to wallpapers, header packs, boot animations, and sounds which exhibit the Omni branding as well as an Omni theme (more on that later).

If you want to contribute wallpapers, you can do so in our G community.

acob Whatley has done the long-needed care to, and update of, our Jenkins servers, and as a result we have rolled out fresh builds with the November Security Update 6.0.1_r74 for the following devices: Make sure to visit our Downloads to find updates for the above.

As if often the case with good news, there is a bit of bad: flo, the Google Nexus 7 2013 Wi Fi, has been dropped as a supported device due to lack of a maintainer.

We feel that it is a good base for the time to come and will allow for us to add new features which will benefit the community as a whole.