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Check out this guy’s T-shirt: * * * * * Here’s former UH punter Mat Mc Briar and his lovely wife: * * * * * After practice, we were running late, so the media, a UH official and a couple of blog readers decided to eat at Bone Daddy’s, a barbecue rib restaurant. The Tennessee Titans lost more than the game Sunday to the New York Jets, they also lost defensive back Vincent Fuller. I still think a device called “Coqui Whistles” would be a great 12th man support. Fema will be needed to recover this venue from disasterous damage caused by Pacific Storm “Warriors”. you can see dat da coaching is UP but still get flaws. the hardest thing i’ve had to do, and its by no means on da same life saving cycle as Coach’s decisions, is to delegate… just wen day tinkin about showin dare faces, a big fat @$$ surrounds da cheeks, and da suffocation is horrendous cuz day no i is rite. With BSU currently at #5 and several of the teams ahead of them guaranteed to lose (since they play each other), they actually have a shot at the National Championship game if they win out (they have to travel to Aloha Stadium, so UH could end their chances of course).

Important dates in a fast, comprehensive, chronological, or date order providing an actual sequence Names and dates of famous conflicts and battles Dates of Wars and battles in each century Famous Wars in World History.1274 BC1046 BC580 BC - 265 BC499 BC - 448 BC431 BC - 404 BC395 BC - 387 BC343 BC - 290 BC334 BC - 323 BC274 BC - 200 BC264 BC - 146 BC215 BC - 168 BC205 BC - 201 BC191 BC - 188 BC135 BC - 71 BC89 BC - 63 BC58 BC - 50 BC55 BC - 54 BC53 BC - 51 BC49 BC - 45 BC44 BC - 30 BC34 BC-22 BCBattle of Kadesh Shang-Zhou War in China.

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