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What household items have sedating effects

I never did the cough syrup thing, but I knew people in college who did.

During an interview with Howard Stern, Stern confessed that he hasn’t touched cannabis in years because “it makes [him] paranoid.” Neil Young, ever the deep and profound sage, advised him, “Try black pepper balls if you get paranoid.

Just chew two or three pieces.” We at Leafly were curious: does chomping on peppercorns actually work?

We did whippits with whipped cream in college once.

It was only because the grocery store right next to campus had whipped cream on sale for $1/can.

GHB is a natural product of human metabolism, which means that it is synthesised when food is broken down and turned into energy for our cells.

The compound is also found in our diet: animal meat contains GHB, as do many alcoholic drinks fermented from red grapes, such as wine and port.

They also provided generic bottles of DXM cough syrup, which always vanished in a hurry.