Start Uganda sex and dirty chats

Uganda sex and dirty chats

Victims alleged the man wanted 15 000 Ugandan shillings from them, with the promise of banishing all their financial and personal problems.

The investigating officer, Francis Liiga Francis, said the suspect was attached to the Pentecostal Ministries.

He said several complaints had been received from market vendors who claimed the church leader had been extorting money from them.

We are told that the female sex organs are sinful, smelly, that the labia may be too long or fleshy, that the clitoris is too big or not big enough, that the whole package is too hairy, or — brace yourselves — too moist.

Given all of this negative pre-conditioning, it is hardly surprising that some women are less than ecstatic about oral sex.

The suspect, from the country's Lira district, was arrested on Tuesday after several allegations of sexual assault were made against him.

He could face charges of extortion due to his collection of money from the public in exchange for "blessings".

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Kampala - A Ugandan pastor allegedly sexually abused several women in his congregation in an effort to make them "fertile", the Daily Monitor reports.

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According to a report by The Insider, he was arrested in July last year after members of the Holy Power Center Church complained the self-proclaimed prophet had sexually assaulted them.