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Now we’re not saying that dating online is completely unsafe, many relationships have flourished online.

Emma also meets a number of controversial interviewees – from Mobo-award winning rapper Nadia Rose, through to BAME equal opportunities campaigner Baroness Mc Gregor-Smith.

The show followed a number of Muslims in Birmingham who were looking to get married.

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If you’re yet to watch last night’s Channel 4 documentary, My Online Nightmare, then we suggest you prepare yourself before you catch up.

" He responded: "Well she should cook for herself too."He then added that if she wanted to work full-time that would be fine.

Nayera responded: "In this day and age, both the man and woman need to work to support themselves."Her date said: "I wouldn't leave my job to be a man-dad.

Before the meeting, Chris is nervous and asks continuous questions about how he looks, but all in all, the lunch goes well.