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Fuck live chat without cridit card

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D These guys try cuss me and they ain't even sold one CD The only time they'll succeed is if they bill a zoot and it's seedy [Hook 2] Cause they don't know about fucking up shows, bringing hundreds of supporters to the nobody knows, though everybody in the room up on their toes Room smoked out even though I don't smoke Forget my bars and freestyle, I don't choke Been doing this for over ten years so [Verse 3] Anyone of you cocaine snorting label executives that thinks you can take my integrity for a couple bags, think twice I make grime and I get paid I'm nice In a rave, get a lemonade and ice I thought by now it was apparent that these guys cannot develop our talent I thought by now it was bait that these guys just try decide man's fate When I made Serious way back in 2006, I can't forget Sam told me it was a hit I had to have bare meetings with pricks Labels, A&Rs, radio playlists, managers looking at me like a dick They weren't rating me but guys they were rating, now, ain't shit But I'm still about, in fact I'm more than about right now Sold out tour, smashing it out About twenty features, smashing 'em out See me in a six cylinder, three litre, two turbo, ragsin it out So don't tell me that grime shouldn't be the music that man's putting out [Hook 3] If you don't know 'bout fucking up shows, bringing hundred's of supporters to the videos, spitting brand new bars nobody knows still everybody in the room up on their toes Room smoked out even though I don't smoke Forget my bars and freestyle, I don't choke Been doing this for over ten years so shh hut yuh muh, 'llow it!

One of Jme’s hardest tracks to date; the follow up to “Work” continues to discuss his work ethic, as well as how things have changed – his reactions to people, and their reactions to him now he has got big (overnight like Tom Hanks). It’s also on i Tunes, Google Play, Amazon and anywhere else good music can be found.

Born in the ends, move food in the ends and that's the new meaning of spawn trapping She sells sea shells on the sea shore, no He sells weed scales and a P4, yeah He sells details, swiping the law Deets, AKA credit card fraud You can't test me in the music game, I've got bare XP Doing this ting for real, in school, while you was typing up your CV I was downloading on Windows NT Bare sample packs for Fruity Loops 3 Ask Mr.

Covil about me, I was walking around, with my jacket that said Mic Controller on the back Best MC in the game, fact Didn't care about charts or about plaques Didn't give a shit about You Tube stats Didn't give a fuck about first week sales, now you wanna come and chat all this crap?

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I don’t normally advertise here, but this track deserves to be supported – if it gets even one purchase from here, I’ll be happy.