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Francois graff dating

The secondary structure has three additional bedroom suites, an office and a laundry room.

Billionaire diamond tycoon Laurence Graff has fathered a lovechild at the age of 71 – with a former employee 34 years his junior.

The Mail on Sunday understands that the wealthy businessman’s wife Anne Marie intends to stick by him – even though she filed for divorce earlier this year.

While locked in conflict with her husband, Graff was linked with several high-profile men.

Last summer, she was said to have cruised the Mediterranean with Paris Latsis, the shipping heir, on his father's yacht.

She was also rumoured to have dated Sacha Baron Cohen, alias Ali G.

Graff is not the first ex-wife to secure a multi-million pound settlement.

I am told that he took one look at the official papers they were trying to serve on him and sprinted from the car park in Old Burlington Street to the New Bond Street emporium of his father Laurence, 64, Britain's 204th richest man.

Soon after, police arrived, and Francois, who is heir to a Pounds 157million fortune was arrested and driven to Charing Cross police station where he was finally served with the High Court warrant.

The main building contains an open-plan kitchen with a center island, a formal dining room, a sitting area/media room and the master suite above.

Terrace and balcony space add outdoor living areas.

Zeta Graff hasn’t found a buyer yet for her Bel-Air property listed at $8.8 million, so the actress and diamond heiress is also seeking a renter at $35,000 a month.