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CONTOUR Pilates is a warm and friendly studio where people can get a challenging whole body workout, taught by highly experienced instructors, and have some fun doing it.

During one of her interviews, Sheckenhausen claims she looks like "Reporter woman" from Channel 11.

In the US, 60 billion pounds of food materials go to landfill every year, which expels methane gas, and can lead to global warming.

And, even though over 51 percent of the food scraps that go to landfill are compostable, only five percent get composted.

Sheckenhausen is of the honored celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame in Grand Theft Auto V. Ken Rosenberg | Lance Vance | "Big" Mitch Baker | Avery Carrington | Phil Cassidy | Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez | Ricardo Diaz | Dick | Sonny Forelli | Kent Paul | Percy | Auntie Poulet | Umberto Robina | Steve Scott | Jezz Torrent | Mr.