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Who is eva mendes dating now

One source dished, "They've both committed to this and are just locking down dates and going over options for venues." What's more, Mendes wants a "backyard bash" while Gosling is looking to do something a little more romantic, like have a wedding ceremony on the beach.

When it comes to Hollywood romance, who can keep track?

While most couples can't escape the paparazzi eye like Kimye and Brangelina have, a few have managed to slip under the radar.

was asked whether he planned on bringing Eva Mendes, the mother of his two children, as his date to the upcoming Oscars ceremony. “It’s still a little while away.”A Gosling and Mendes joint appearance on the red carpet would instantly go down as a major Oscars event.

There have been many memorable ones in the past: Remember sinewy Anjelica Huston arm in arm with Jack Nicholson in 1975?

Nicole Kidman looking regal in Dior in 1997 next to her then-husband, Tom Cruise?

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger, young and in love and on the rise?

Another 80s couple long forgotten about is Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren.