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Is george lucas dating mellody hobson

“My life was altered by meeting her, and that’s not something I say lightly,” Sandberg adds. I think she does that for everyone.”“What can I say? In August, the couple welcomed a daughter, Everest Hobson Lucas, who was born via gestational surrogate, to the world.

She’s a board member at Estée Lauder, Starbucks (where she chairs the audit-and-compliance committee), and Dream Works Animation (where she chairs the entire board).

I love Mellody Hobson.”Hobson is the president of a well-respected Chicago money-management firm called Ariel Investments.

She is also a director of the Starbucks Corporation, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., and Dream Works Animation SKG, Inc..

Hobson has been acclaimed in selections such as Time's 2015 Time 100 List, the magazine's annual list of the one hundred most influential people in the world)., Ebony magazine's "20 Leaders of the Future" (1992), Working Women Magazine's "20 Under 30" (1992), the World Economic Forum's "Global Leaders of Tomorrow" (2001), Esquire's "America's Best and Brightest" (2002), The Wall Street Journal's 50 "Women to Watch" (2004).

Mellody Hobson’s life—from her tough Chicago childhood to success as an investment guru, to her marriage to George Lucas, in 2013—has shattered stereotypes of every kind. Mellody Hobson has a long list of prominent fans whose adoration of her borders on adulation.“She has a grace and graciousness about her that is singular,” Jeffrey Katzenberg, the C. Although the project has faced controversy, with the comparing aspects of the design to Jabba the Hutt and Lucas now saying he may be forced to take it elsewhere, the potential change to the lakefront is a monument to Hobson’s influence—and that she can exert that kind of influence is no surprise to those who know her, including another longtime friend and fan, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

(Lucas had adopted three children previously: Amanda, Kate, and Jett, all now young adults.) Last June, Lucas announced that the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which will showcase “moving images—from illustration to cinema to the digital media of the future,” would be built in Chicago.

I get a little nervous talking about her because the words are so flowery. And while she’s not a household name—at least not yet—she is at the hub of an eclectic group of people who are.

For many years she was a contributor to ABC’s she now works for CBS News and is on the boards of too many philanthropic organizations to list.

She also is on the boards of such organizations as the Chicago Public Education Fund, the Sundance Institute and, of course, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art now under development, most recently in Los Angeles.

According to past gossip items, Hobson began dating Lucas in 2006 after meeting at a business conference.

Lucas and Hobson welcomed their daughter on August 9, 2013.