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Marilyn monroe was dating

What’s your favorite Marilyn Monroe look or ’50s women’s fashion trend?

She was also formally changing her name from Norma Jeane Mortenson to Marilyn Monroe and being attacked by red-baiters for associating with the playwright, an alleged Communist sympathizer.

Marilyn Monroe melted the hearts of both American men (her sexpot looks) AND women (her stylish wardrobe) during her movie career beginning in the early ’50s and spanning more than a decade before her death in 1962.

While Googling images of this Hollywood starlet is easy, knowing where to buy clothing that resembles Miss Monroe’s great outfits from her classic films isn’t.

Miller’s cousin, Morty Miller and his wife, were the witnesses and there was not a solitary pressman or flash camera in sight. A traditional Jewish rite was planned for July 1st at the home of Miller’s agent, Kay Brown, near Katonah, which went ahead although Marilyn was now having severe misgivings and almost refused to go through with it.