Start Ipw2200 needs updating

Ipw2200 needs updating

Many wifi cards will work if you load the correct module.

Copy the list of PCIID's that the command produces and paste it at First obtain the list of detected USB devices on the system: This command produces the PCI ID, manufacturer, make, model, and/or chipset of every USB device attached to the system.

Of these, the chipset may be the most useful information.

For integrated wifi cards: Sometimes, however, the module alone is not enough.

Some types of card (Intel for example) also need firmware.

Hello, I have the problem since i upgrade to debian 8 lastweek My Wifi stop working, nm can not detect my wifi (was working normally on wheezy).

I did try following (im running jessie on my IBM r50E laptop) disable the pci wifi (BIOS setup) remove driver reinstall the driver/firmware ipw2200 reenable the hardware (BIOS) doesn't change situation.

I'm compiling a custom kernel under Ubuntu and I'm running into the problem that my kernel doesn't seem to know where to look for firmware.

Under Ubuntu 8.04, firmware is tied to kernel version the same way driver modules are.

Many of the drivers are already included in Ubuntu, but some newer drivers may not be present.

Next, you need to find out if the driver is loaded.

As an example, if you have an Intel Centrino and it uses the ipw2200 driver, run this command: Replace ipw2200 with the relevant driver for your card.