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I dont deserve you in dating

There's nothing more fun than a bae who thinks your bizarre jokes are actually funny, even if nobody else does. You should feel comfortable (kindly) telling your partner what is and isn't working for you in the bedroom so you can make sure you're both having a good time.

But there are happy, healthy relationships out there.

And the only way for you to find one is to get back out there by breaking your pattern of accepting unacceptable men.

Which means you’ve also spent sleepless nights beating yourself up, wondering what you could have done differently, asking friends how you could have turned things around.

Emotions flood over you that you’re embarrassed to admit. All because you gave your heart to a guy who didn’t give his back to you.

Is there anything better than feeling loved for who you really are? Whether you have different political opinions or bizarre hobbies that they totally don't get, an awesome partner may just love you even more for those quirks—even if they don't share your opinion.

No dropping off the face of the earth is a pretty basic request if you're going to date someone.

Dear Women, I'm a guy that likes superhero films and video games.

I play the guitar (and not very well), love to travel and don't read nearly as much as I wish I would.

If your own partner can't be your cheerleader, who can?

Someone who loves you should want you to feel cozy and secure with them, like coming home after a long day. It's one thing to be dating someone who lies to you, but someone who lies to is a whole other can of worms.

“When a woman tells someone, ‘you’re too nice,’ what she really means is that she wants a man who is a little more adventurous and risky,” explains Dr. “If you have been 100% yourself, don’t change,” advises Hall.