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I first became suspicious when she failed to meet her flight because the train was delayed and she needed more money for tickets as the first ones were not refundable. She then accused me of not loving her or being serious and after me sending 2 more emails she has not replied to me.

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A HUGE number of their "hits" were 404 before I blocked them.

Why, if the robot has already determined multiple times that a file is not there, does it keep looking for it over and over again?

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Every search engine, with the exception of Yandex, visits FIRST, then moves on, adhering to the rules.

A blunt attitude it is, but the Internet is a dog-eat-dog world, and I'm not about to be lunch for anyone, even if that means my actions may, through the spread of others taking the same action, damages another company's reputation and/or means of doing business.

Yandex is not just visiting way too many times per day, they are crawling files that haven't even been on the site since BEFORE they began crawling it.

If they didn't bother to adhere to robots.txt, what basis do I have to go on to believe that using a list on their site would work either?

I was going to book tickets for her online but she said that they needed to be bought by her so that visa could be made so i sent money for tickets.