Start Anderson cooper dating outside your race

Anderson cooper dating outside your race

Back in the late 1980s, the actor was romantically linked to the late Whitney Houston.

Mel B gave birth to their daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown in April 2007 amidst a paternity scandal in which Murphy was identified as the father after submitting to a DNA test.

Eddie exchanged “symbolic” marital vows with movie executive Tracey Edmonds in 2008, which were never made legal.

I was 10 when I read my father’s obituary in The New York Times. It gave a few details of his life, but it didn’t tell me what I really wanted to know: How could he have died? As a teenager I used to imagine that he had written me a letter, and every birthday I secretly hoped it would arrive.

The paper was lying on the kitchen counter, and I was startled to see his face staring up at me as I passed by. The letter would be full of fatherly advice, and tell me all the things I didn’t know about him.

correspondent Alicia Quarles Wednesday that he's on Tinder.

Cohen, 46, said he is happy to meet a guy on the dating app, "as long as someone can meet me at midnight when I get off my show.

ANNOUNCER: Cruz family values in a race that could go right to the convention. We reviewed them just to make sure they don't overlap. Thanks very much for being with us.(APPLAUSE)So last night, Donald Trump was sitting here in that exact same speech, and he told me that the rules are stacked against him. CRUZ: Well, listen, I think anyone who knows anything about Washington knows that the establishment is not rooting for me, that they have been battling me every day I've been in the Senate. The way you get elected is that you win a majority of the delegates in elections. Now, he narrowly eked out a total popular vote victory. There is one way, and there's only one way that you earn the Republican nomination.

This is an "Anderson Cooper 360" CNN Republican town hall, candidates and their families, voters seeking answers before making a choice that could make history.(END VIDEO CLIP)COOPER: And good evening, everyone. I'm going to ask a couple of questions myself as we get started, but as always, this is a chance for voters to hear at length from the candidates and for the first time the people closest to them. You've heard this before, he's been saying it a lot, that the rules are stacked against him by the establishment, that there are shenanigans going on, that the whole process is rigged, that the RNC doesn't want him to get the nomination. What Donald is unhappy about is in the last three weeks there have been a total of 11 elections in four states. He's unhappy about that because he's losing at the polls. We tied in terms of the delegates we got under the rules. That is you earn the votes of a majority of the delegates elected by the people.

Even now, when I see a stack of mail at home, I can’t help but hope the letter has finally come. I’d tell him about the choices I’ve had to make, the fears and difficulties I’ve struggled to overcome. My dad was 50 when he died, and I’ve always believed that I would die at that age as well.

After a while, no matter how much you love someone, no matter how hard you try to remember, you start to forget little details — the sound of their voice, the way they smell, the look in their eyes when they smile and laugh. I just turned 49, and my doctor assures me I have many years yet to live.

He also hosted a live on-air '80s prom-themed broadcast to celebrate the publication of his memoir, He and I are interviewing each other," he said. We're starting our tour Saturday night at the Wang Theater in Boston of all places.